Shiny Shenanigans: Steelbook Surprises Ahead from Manta Lab! Black Widow, Barbie, Spider-Man, and Thor Take the Stage!

Hold onto your popcorn, folks, because it's that time again! Manta Lab and Collectong are back with some steelbook releases that will make your movie collection shine brighter than a supernova. Grab your wallet and get ready to mark some dates, because these releases are hotter than a summer sidewalk in Texas.

Black Widow: The Femme Fatale Shines in Steel!

Natasha Romanoff is strutting her stuff in the world of steelbooks, and boy, does she look good doing it! Black Widow is already heating up the pre-order scene, and if you're a hidefninja forum member, you've got the inside scoop on the Group Buy. And fear not, non-forum heroes, the pre-order gates are about to swing open for you too. This release is like that perfectly-timed punchline—unexpected and totally satisfying.

Barbie: Not Just Plastic, But Fantastic in Steel!

Wait, what? Barbie in an exclusive steelbook? You better believe it! This iconic fashionista is strutting her stuff on a metallic canvas. Who knew that our favorite plastic gal could shine so bright? Whether you're reliving your childhood or just basking in the glory of Barbie's endless careers (seriously, does she ever take a break?), this steelbook release is a must-have. Ken would approve, we're sure of it.

Spider-Man: No Way Home—Swinging In With Style!

Hold onto your webs, Spidey fans! The friendly neighborhood superhero is swinging into your living room in steelbook form. And let's be honest, it's about time he got the steelbook treatment. With all those fancy flips and acrobatics, it's like this release was made to show off in your collection. Whether you're Team Tobey, Team Andrew, or Team Tom, this steelbook is a love letter to all things Spider-Man.

Thor: Love and Thunder—Thunderstruck by Steel!

As if Thor's hammer wasn't heavy enough, now we're adding some steel to the mix! Thor: Love and Thunder is joining the exclusive steelbook club, and we couldn't be more excited. And guess what? This release is discless, so it's as streamlined as Mjölnir itself. If you're a fan of cosmic capers, intergalactic humor, and Chris Hemsworth's luscious locks, this steelbook will have you thunderstruck.

What's on the horizon, you ask? Well, our friends at Manta Lab and Collectong aren't spilling all the beans just yet. They're keeping their cards close to their steel-covered chests, but they promise that more updates are on the way. So stay tuned, mark those calendars, and get ready to swoop in on those pre-orders like a steel-clad superhero.

In the meantime, let's celebrate these upcoming releases that are about to make our collecting a whole lot cooler (and shinier). Whether you're into spies, fashion dolls, web-slingers, or thunder gods, there's a steelbook with your name on it. Get ready to light up your collection and show off your cinematic savvy with these exclusive releases. Excelsior, movie buffs! 🍿🎬📀

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